What is Zumba
If you are looking for a fun way to get fit, burn calories, lose weight, or a good cardio workout, Zumba is a perfect choice for you. Zumba is Latin dance inspired and is a lot of fun! Group and Private Zumba and Dance Fitness classes are available.

What is Cardio Salsa
Cardio Salsa is a popular cardio workout that allows you to enjoy dancing without the need for a partner. Using recognizable Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Mambo and Cha Cha, these classes are a great cardio workout.

Morning ClassesTuesday 8.30am
Thursday 8.30am
Saturday 8.30am
Sunday 8.30am
You may attend 16 classes per month.
Evening ClassesTuesday 6.30pm
Thursday 6.30pm
Friday 6.30pm


Toning, Stretching, Body Flexibility, Stress & Tension Free!

Fans of Zumba and Latin cardio say that it is fun and easy to learn, makes them happy and feels like a party. Because of that, people are likely to stick with the program. More than that, the combination of fast and slow rhythms can burn fat and calories while toning and sculpting the body. You'll hear all kinds of numbers regarding the calorie-burning potential, and it depends on your weight, gender and the level of intensity you choose. However, a study at the University of Wisconsin, commissioned by the American Council on Exercise, found that Zumba exercisers burned an average of 369 calories per hour.