Amila Wijerathne
Yoga Shiromani (Sivananda Yoga Vedantha Dhanwantari Ashram - Kerala)
Yoga Acharya (Sivananda Yoga Vedantha Meenakshi Ashram - Madurai)
Diploma in Counselling (National Institute of Social Development)
Diploma in Mass Communication (University of Sri Jayawardanapura)

Group 1Monday 6.30pm
Wednesday 6.30pm
Group 2Tuesday 4pm
Thursday 4pm

What is Yoga
* Yoga is a way of life that integrates the body mind and spirit. It is a set of practice that helps one to remain in the true self.
* Yoga, the oldest science of life can teach you to bring stress under control.
* Yoga asanas(postures) lubricate the body and help the muscles and joints to run smoothly. Tone all the internal organs.
* Yoga, helps you to relax, rejuvenate and recharge body, mind and sprit.

Who can do
Anyone can practice yoga. No matter their age, condition, religion, sick or fit. All can benefit from this discipline.

How to start
If you are new to Yoga, we strongly recommend you begin by taking the Yoga beginners course; a step by step introduction to the theory and practice of the Sivananda system of Yoga, covering 5 points, Exercises, Breathing, Relaxation, Diet, Positive Thinking & Meditation for perfect health. The course introduces students to all the techniques used in our regular open classes, and provides a system for personal practice at home.

Services that we offer
* Stress relief company training.
* Individual and mini group classes.
* Mass classes.