"Even with your busy schedule, if you want to keep fit & look smart, whatever your age, this Zumba workout class is a wonderful place. Here, Zumba exercises are taught in an easy to follow fun way followed by a great ab. workout. Though I am a busy person, I never miss this class as it keeps me comfortable & relaxed, on my toes all day. I enjoy it very much & would like to recommend this to everyone. -Medical Officer-"

Dr. Shiromi Perera

"I'm Ramani Beligala, I'm working as a Nursing Officer at Sri Jayawardanapura General Hospital. I've been participating to the Zumba dancing class for two years.

As a Nursing Officer, I'm aware of the benefits of this program; it decreases the risk of getting heart diseases, diabetic mellitus, cholestrol and helps to maintain our body weight according to BMI. And also it enhances mental tolerance and guides to lead stress free and relaxed life.
-Nursing Officer-"

Ramani Beligala

"I joined Zumba becase, I was fat and I had Arthritis, I couldn't sleep at night because of the pain I had in my right shoulder and in my left knee. I used to rub all sorts of balms and I was taking a lot of pain killers.

I joined Zumba 4 months ago, at that time my weight was 73kgs. Attended 4 classes per week continuously for the last 3 months. I didn't follow a diet schedule at all because I can't do it. I had my meals in the usual way. But now I have lost 8kgs by the Zumba workout along, I was able to reduce my weight from 73kgs to 65kgs, which was absolutely amazing.

I thank my Zumba instructor Chandima Siriwardhane with all my heart for making me able to achieve this amazing result."

Melanie Jayalath

"Chandima is a very special teacher with immence talent and knowledge. A painstaking teacher who tries to impart his knowledge and experience to the best fo his ability. He enlightens his students the techniques and the science behind his teachings. I wish him all the best on his ventures into this field of fitness and body building. -Music Teacher, Musaeus College-"

Mrs. S.R. Talwatte

"Zumba has toned me, shaped me, helped me loose weight and increase stamina, I am person who found it so hard to climb stairs. But, today I have build up my calf mussels and reduce my stomach, all credit goes to a wonderful motivated and passionate and highly talented young handsome instructor Chandima Siriwardhane.

Zumba is a very aerobic and a fun workout. I'll look forwad to my Zumba class and friendly people whom I spend an hour of fun, exercise and laughter."

Rochelle Perera